LongNow (in progress)

The past is always present. What about the future? History is not an unambiguous harmonic progression, but rather a murmur of juxtaposed, interacting states of the past, present and future.

Atavisms are traits of the past that reappear after skipping intervening generations. If we extend this with characteristics from the future that manifest themselves in the present, we can speak of 'proto-atavisms'.


LongNow wants to shape this unstable state between past, present and future by looking for places or objects that contain multi-temporality. At the same time I use a technology that is composed of different time periods. For example, my camera was built in 1980, after a design from 1940. The film I am exposing has an emulsion that was developed in 1920. The developed films are scanned on a drum scanner from 1990, etc. Different time periods, each with their own design ideology, slide together.


For example, I visited the Dogon population in Mali to study their technology. The images I made there, I want to place next to a recording of the Clock of the Long Now. The prototype is in the Science Museum in London and is designed to mark ten thousand years, as a monument to long-term planning. This extreme mechanism is intended to inspire visitors to contemplate their place in the long time arch of history.